Home, Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations Perth

Home, Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations Perth

Award-winning Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry and Cabinets Designs & Renovations in Perth

With Ikal Kitchens you cannot go wrong. Our kitchen and bathroom makeovers and services are designed to achieve the best in character and efficiency. Ensuring you are completely happy with your new bathroom, kitchen and laundry is our priority, we are committed to creating the best cabinets and providing you with the finest accessories and finishes.

As an award-winning renovation specialist, our kitchen and bathroom designs are superior in every way. Our in-house design department features highly skilled conceptual artists who will work alongside you to create the idea renovations. You tell us what you want and we create it. If you have any special requirements or restrictions, we work with or around them ensuring your home makeovers are easy and efficient.

Kitchen renovations

Changing the look, style and feel of your kitchen can make your kitchen lifestyle easier and more enjoyable. If you’re working to a budget, we can help you because no matter how much you invest in your kitchen, it’s an investment that will improve your property value. We can design your new kitchen will all your specifications in mind. If you need inspiration or assistance, chat to our designers.

Kitchen cabinets

Browse our extensive selection of kitchen cabinets at our Perth-based showrooms. Available in a wide variety of styles, cuts, forms, colours and materials, cabinetry sets the aesthetics and tone of the kitchen. We precision cut, manufacture and install wooden, stainless steel or laminated cabinets to give your space a traditional, contemporary, elegant or minimalist touch; it all depends on what you like.

Laundry cabinets

Your laundry room does not need to look out of sorts all the time. With the right cabinetry, the storage, iron board and machine spaces can be designed with visual symmetry to create a look, feel and functional aspect that works for you and your needs. Laundry cabinets can be found at our Perth showroom, which showcases everything from flat pack storage solutions to utility cupboards with base cabinets, drawers and fold-out tables. These can all be created in a variety of styles and colours.

Bath renovations

Your bathroom says a lot about your style, and after the kitchen, it’s the next most-visited room. If you like luxury, here is a room into which you can inject a serious sense of comfort and sophistication. We can help you enhance your bathroom. Choose from our selection of mirrors, vanities, double/single basins and beautifully crafted cabinets and drawers that are treated to prevent moisture saturation. If you have a bathroom budget, but don’t know what you want, contact us for some inspiration and creative ideas.

Entertainment units

We have extensive experience in a wide range of cabinetry designs, especially when it comes to entertainment requirements; our portfolio includes many entertainment units manufactured in our state-of-the-art Perth-based workshop. We have helped many homeowners, architects and interior designers with customised entertainment units for both residential and commercial use.

Built-in wardrobes

Not only do we offer kitchen and bathroom renovations, we are cabinetry specialists with an interest in creating interactive and convenient storage space that works for you. We’ll design, produce and install built-in wardrobes for your bedrooms. Simply choose your preferred style, or work with our designers who will customise a design to suit your décor preferences. Upgrade your cupboards with any material, colour and finish.

Alfresco outdoor kitchens

If you’ve dreamed of an outdoor kitchen where you can whip up gourmet meals while enjoying the outdoors during summer, Ikal Kitchens uses marine-grade materials to ensure your cabinetry can easily handle the harsh outdoor elements while still retaining its shape. Durable and aesthetic, our wooden and stainless steel products are created for the indoors and outdoors.

Contact us today and we’ll take you through the process of realising your ideal interior and exterior space, designed for beauty and manufactured for longevity.

Kitchen Renovations Perth

Give your kitchen a new lease on life when you choose an entirely new kitchen design to suit your décor preferences. Contact the Perth-based Ikal Kitchens.

Kitchen Cabinets Perth

Industry Leaders in the Design and Construction of Kitchen Cabinets in Perth Ikal Kitchens produces high quality and stylish kitchen cabinets at our Perth-based workshop. Considering the kitchen is the heart of a home’s activity, it is one of the rooms that gets the most traffic and attention, which is why our clients come to us to have their wall cabinets upgraded, renovated or completely revamped. If you want to upgrade the look and feel of your kitchen, the best place to start is at aw...

Laundry Cabinets Perth

Practical and Stylish Laundry Designs in Perth Ikal Kitchens is synonymous with premium cabinetry, superior design and great vision, which is why we have outfitted many houses with beautiful kitchens and bathrooms. We also specialise in designing, manufacturing and installing stylish and functional laundry cabinets in homes across Perth. You may think that the laundry doesn’t warrant a makeover because it’s just there for washing and storage. But with the right layout this particular area...

Bathroom Renovations

At Ikal Kitchens, we believe that bathrooms should combine style and function with maximum storage. Our award-winning design team can custom design and build bathroom vanities and laundry units to suit any lifestyle and budget. We can also provide a full bathroom renovation service, including design, manufacture, and installation. Every last design detail is managed carefully and thoughtfully right down to the placement of plumbing and electrical outlets. Whether you are building new, u...

Entertainment Units

Detailed and stylish custom Entertainment units Ikal Kitchens are design specialists in the joinery and cabinetry fields. Our team is highly qualified and have many years’ experience in designing and producing custom wardrobes, furniture, and entertainment units. Over the years, the Ikal team have advised and assisted many homeowners, architects and interior designers with highly detailed designs and installations of custom-made entertainment units. The Ikal Kitchens design team are re...

Built In Wardrobes

The ultimate designer built in Wardrobes Our award-winning team can design, build, and install all types of built in wardrobes and to meet your exact requirements. All our wardrobes are custom designed and manufactured at our showroom/factory facility in Osborne Park. At Ikal Kitchens we strive to provide our clients with the ultimate in design flexibility, custom sizing, functionality, and style. Whatever your cabinetry or built in wardrobe requirements, such as the need for more spac...

Alfresco (Outdoor) Kitchens

Turn your outdoor area into the ultimate social hub with an Alfresco kitchen Alfresco kitchens are the perfect addition to an outdoor entertainment area. As specialist kitchen designers, Ikal Kitchens has many years’ experience, and we offer the most durable and aesthetically pleasing materials to suit a plethora of alfresco kitchen designs. All Ikal outdoor kitchen accessories, cabinets and counters are made to withstand the harsh conditions experienced by outdoor facilities. Marine grad...

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