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Kitchen Renovations Lesmurdie

Kitchen Renovations Lesmurdie

Looking for a kitchen renovations team for your Lesmurdie home? You’ve come to the right place.

Ikal Kitchens has been making WA homeowners happy since 1993, thanks to our superb new kitchen designs and custom cabinets. We proudly create efficient, easy-to-use, and welcoming kitchens for any home. You can count on our cabinet makers, kitchen fitters, and experienced tradespeople to deliver high-quality kitchen designs and installations.

Exquisite expertise, meet our experienced kitchen renovation specialists

Whether you’re dreaming of a total kitchen overhaul or just a simple cabinet upgrade, our proficient team is armed with the tools and skills to bring your vision to life. We understand that a renovated kitchen should be a mirror of your personal taste and lifestyle. That’s why we work tirelessly to ensure your desires are translated into the final product.
Our state-of-the-art workshop houses advanced 3D software, which our in-house kitchen designers in Perth use to bring your dream kitchen to life virtually. This is complemented by precision machinery that allows our skilled craftsmen to create superior cabinetry and accessories.
Kitchen Renovations Perth | Kitchen Designers | Ikal Kitchens Perth
Kitchen Renovations Perth | Kitchen Designers | Ikal Kitchens Perth

The art of kitchen transformations: Your go-to kitchen renovations team for your home in Lesmurdie

As a renowned name in kitchen renovations and cabinet making in Perth, Ikal Kitchens always stays ahead of trends, catering to all styles, be it traditional, classic, or contemporary. Our all-encompassing service kicks off with a home visit, where we discuss your kitchen ideas for your Perth home and assess your current space. We then guide you through our proposed solutions to fulfil your kitchen makeover needs

Following this, we take precise measurements of your kitchen area and work with the space to enhance its functionality. A 3D concept is then created, offering you a sneak peek of the final product before manufacturing commences. Any changes you wish to make at this stage are accommodated, ensuring you are delighted with the final outcome.

Why Ikal Kitchens?

Excellence in luxury redefined:
Best kitchen renovations for Lesmurdie homes

When it comes to crafting the perfect kitchen, Ikal Kitchens stands in a league of its own. Renowned for delivering excellence in every aspect of our work, we make it our mission to provide an unmatched service, from design inception to installation completion.
Celebrating 30 years of excellence
With 30 illustrious years in the business, IKAL Kitchens is a testament to the enduring power of quality, innovation, and customer-centric service. Our longstanding experience equips us with unique insights and expertise, ensuring that every kitchen we craft is a harmony of function, style, and longevity.
Proudly Western Australian
Born and bred in Western Australia, Ikal Kitchens embodies the quintessential spirit of Western Australian craftsmanship – a blend of rugged durability and elegant aesthetics. We take immense pride in our local roots, and it reflects in every kitchen we create.
Custom quality at an affordable price
At Ikal Kitchens, luxury isn’t an extravagance—it’s a standard. We are committed to delivering custom-made, high-quality kitchens at an affordable price. Our designs not only incorporate your personal style but also align with your budget, ensuring that luxury and affordability go hand in hand.
Multi-Award winning excellence
Our quest for perfection has been recognised by industry leaders, making us multi-award winners with the Housing Industry Association (HIA) & Cabinet Makers Association (CMA). These accolades attest to our relentless pursuit of excellence and our commitment to delivering nothing short of the best.
Bespoke designs and one-off constructions
We specialise in bespoke designs and one-off constructions. Each kitchen we create is a unique masterpiece, tailored to meet your specific needs and preferences. We believe that your kitchen should be as unique as you are, and we make it our mission to bring your vision to life.
Unwavering commitment to excellence
At IKAL Kitchens, excellence isn’t just a goal—it’s a way of life. We strive for perfection in every aspect of our work, from the initial consultation and design process, right through to installation and aftercare. With us, you can be assured of a seamless and luxurious kitchen renovation experience.

Silica Free Benchtops are Available​

Kitchen Renovations Perth | Top Kitchen Designers Perth, WA | Ikal Kitchen Designers Perth
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Ignite your kitchen dreams with Ikal Kitchens

As multi-award winners with the Housing Industry Association (HIA) & Cabinet Makers Association (CMA), we pride ourselves on being the go-to choice for the best kitchen renovations in Perth. Our enduring commitment to excellence, quality, and customer satisfaction sets us apart in the industry.

Visit our kitchen showroom today.

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Are you ready to craft your dream kitchen in Lesmurdie?

We breathe life into kitchens with our superior kitchen renovations in Perth. Over the three decades, we have been shaping the heart of homes, merging functionality, and style to create spaces that echo your lifestyle. Our innovative kitchen designs in Perth are tailored to your unique needs and aspirations, striking a perfect balance between practicality and aesthetics.
Our team of expert kitchen designers in Perth understand that your kitchen is much more than a place to cook; it’s a space where memories are created, where family and friends gather, and where culinary creations come to life. We work meticulously to bring your kitchen ideas in Perth to life, offering tailored solutions that enhance your kitchen’s usability and appeal.
How it works

The kitchen renovation process

“Design is where science and art break even” Robin Mathew

At Ikal Kitchens, we understand the uniqueness of every project and respect the individual requirements of our clients. Our process is tailored and adaptable, created to accommodate your needs. Driven by essential feedback over our years in the industry, we have mastered the craft of guiding clients through the harmony of aesthetics, functionality and form.

This is the genesis of your dream renovation. We conduct a brainstorming session to understand your unique needs – your architectural tastes, preferred colour palettes, budget considerations, build size and any constraints. This is a dynamic process, often going through several revisions until we land on a concept that resonates with your vision.


Once we’ve polished the design concept, we enter the approval stage. This step involves key milestones such as budget estimation, formal approval of the design and cost.


With the design locked down, we move forward to formalise all the necessary paperwork. This includes drafting architectural plans, production drawings, the CMA contract documents, and establishing a payment schedule.


Upon all approvals and with the documents in place, we begin creating your revitalised space. Our dedicated team is assigned to your project, enabling you to track your renovation progress. Our strategic team is also only a phone call away, providing you with constant support and peace of mind.


100+ Projects

From the initial consultation to the final touches, we are committed to making your dream space a reality. Our dedication to our craft, combined with our relentless pursuit for excellence, ensures that every kitchen, laundry or bathroom we design is a statement piece in your home, reflecting your personality and lifestyle.
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Kitchen Renovations Lesmurdie FAQ's

 Ikal Kitchens offers custom luxury kitchen measure, design & quote, renovation services, laundry and bathroom renovation services. 

Yes, you can visit Ikal Kitchens’ showroom in Perth to explore the latest custom kitchen designs that are as unique as your requirements.

Ikal Kitchens has an experienced design team in Lesmurdie from start to finish, ensuring a seamless and beautiful kitchen transformation.

Ikal Kitchens specialises in designing luxury kitchens with top-quality benchtops, bespoke kitchen cabinets, and help you with advice to selecting premium kitchen appliances to create the kitchen of your dreams.

A custom kitchen design from Ikal Kitchens can change your home by creating a beautiful, functional, and unique kitchen space that you’ll love.

Ikal Kitchens is a reputable company in Perth known for over 30 years for its premium kitchen design and renovation services that aim to remodel and transform your kitchen to perfection. Our showroom is based in Osborne Park and we serve clients in Lesmurdie.

Ikal Kitchens does not sell any appliances, however, our expert team could offer advice for your renovation project, including state-of-the-art products to enhance your kitchen experience.

Ikal Kitchens focuses on providing complete kitchen renovation services in Lesmurdie, including bathroom and laundry renovations, to add value and enhance the quality of your home.